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Liberté Ministries (Liberty in French) began in 2010 as a response to the earthquake that devastated much of Haiti. Once relief work shifted to recovery and then long term planning; the Haiti School of Biblical Studies (HSBS) began. HSBS is a 4 year, intensive Bible track that equips students to be both practitioners and communicators of the Good News. Students beginning their third year, who are in good standing academically, are offered the opportunity to receive a scholarship for vocational training in a variety of occupations. As the work grew and doors opened God provided an opportunity for involvement in Harry’s Home for Children and Bonnette school. Serving 25 children, the children’s home provides a safe and secure home for children in need. The elementary school not only offers education to the children living in the home but also to children in the Bonnette community. Capacity for the school is 350 children.

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