Who We Are


Who We Are

Our work is under the sponsorship and supervision of the elders of Petersville Church of Christ in Florence Alabama. The Petersville congregation is not a sponsor or supervisor in name only. They have been a major financial supporter of the work almost from the beginning. Perhaps more importantly, they have a team who go to Haiti at least once per year. This “boots on the ground” approach allows them to see firsthand what work is being done, where dollars are being spent and any areas needing attention.

Our core state side team consists of a Christian College Professor with a Ph.D. in ancient languages, a computer scientist working for Square, a retired Pharmaceutical salesman with over 80 trips to Haiti under his belt, a head of Corporate Training retired from a fortune 100 insurance company, a Corporate Management specialist with 40+ years of experience and an MBA, an Accountant and Executive Director of a large Multimillion dollar Housing Authority and an Executive Director of a Multimillion dollar non-profit with 175 employees plus 20+ years of bi-vocational preaching experience.

Perhaps you have read media reports about nationally known charities spending as much as $.34 out of every dollar donated on fund raising and administration. (American Red Cross, Charity Watch, March 2020) Our entire US team serves without compensation, office space, or administrative support. All of our volunteers are just that; volunteers. So 100% of all funds go directly to the work. Yes there are some “operating costs” such as postage, wire fees, printing, etc. We have been successful in limiting these expenses to less than 10% of the funds our supporters entrust us with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Liberté Minsitries is overseen by Petersville Church of Christ and a board of directors.

We are currently focusing on Haiti only, but may expand in the future.

Typically, short-term mission trips last roughly 1 week, including travel time.